Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hi everyone!

So I've been having a bunch of people asking me when I was planning on putting in my papers and, eventually, going on my mission.  I thought that this was a good medium to share my thoughts with you all regarding what has been going on.

I'm not going to lie, the timing of everything is a hard topic for me to talk about.  Originally I was planning on leaving in June and putting my papers in early February, but something has come up that required me to hold off on leaving.  For the past couple months, my face has been breaking out - majorly.  Like seriously bad enough that my parents became a little worried and that I was - am - embarrassed to even go out in public.  Which is really sad…
I ended up going to the doctors office for it and was prescribed Accutane. If you guys know anything about this medicine it is probably that it is super strong and can cause major birth defects to your child if you get pregnant while on it.  It is so intense that I had to sign up for a governmental program and will have blood and pregnancy tests each month for the six or so months while I am on it.

So here is the point of all of this:

I can't quite go on my mission yet.

And this is how I feel right now:

But I know that there must be a reason why the Lord wouldn't want me going out yet!  This is all about His timing and not mine.

Actually, I have a funny story about this whole thing.

So when I was starting my papers, I kept wanting to put my availability date as my birthday - June 9.  I wanted to go out the absolute moment that I possibly could.  However, I kept having this feeling that I shouldn't go until September.  SEPTEMBER!!! That was sooooo far away!  But get this.  In six months from today (when I finish Accutatne) it'll be September.  All along I kept having this feeling that I had to wait, and NOW I KNOW WHY!! Isn't that crazy??  I just love the gospel!

<3 <3 <3 Emilie Elkins <3 <3 <3

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